HindcastCoppini G.,  De Dominicis,M., Zodiatis,G., Lardner,R., Pinardi,N., Santoleri,R., Colella,S., Bignami,F., Hayes,D. R., Soloviev,D., Georgiou,G., Kallos,G., (2011). “Hindcast of oil-spill pollution during the Lebanon crisis in the EasternMediterranean”, July–August 2006, Marine Pollution Bulletin 62 (2011) p.140–153 Download

Monographs in Books

ciesm-wk-43-Designing Med-SHIP: a program for repeated oceanographic surveys, CIESM Monographs no.43 (F. Briand  Editor), 2011, 164 pages, ISSN 1726-5886, CIESM: Hayes D. R and G. Zodiatis. Surface and intermediate circulation in the Eastern Levantine Basin from in-situ observations, 83-92.

Conference Proceedings

bssc 2011Zodiatis, G., Lardner, R., Hayes, D., Stylianou, S., Soloyov, D., Nikolaidis, A., Georgiou, G., Panayidou, X., Konnaris, G., (2011). MEDSLIK: an advance decision support system for marine safety in the European seas,8th Baltic Sea Science Congress Book of Abstracts, 22-26 August 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia