CYCOFOS constitutes one of the ocean forecasting and observing system of relevant European and Mediterranean operational oceanographic forecasting and observing networks.

The Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting and Observing System (CYCOFOS) was developed within the broader frame of the MONGOOS and of the EuroGOOS (European GOOS), aiming to provide operational oceanographic forecast and monitoring at local and sub-regional scales in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin, contributing in this way to the GMES marine service. The CYCOFOS system has been operational since early 2002, consists of several forecasting, observing, and end-user modules, and has been enriched and improved constantly following the developments in EU funded projects developing the operational oceanography. The Cyprus ocean system provides daily sea current, temperature, salinity and sea level forecasting data to end-users, necessary for operational application in marine safety, particularly concerning oil spills and floating objects predictions.

In brief, CYCOFOS provides operational forecasts for sea currents, temperature, salinity, sea state, near real time information on satellite remote sensing SST, surface chlorophyll-a, light attenuation, oil slicks detection and predictions, remote in-situ sea level, temperature, salinity profiles and other physical and chemical parameters using costal and offshore monitoring platforms, including mooring profilers, buoys, multi-parametric probes and gliders. One of the observing platforms of the OC-UCY is the CYCOFOS-OCB located offshore in the south part of the Cyprus EEZ. The platform is equipment with several sea-bottom nodes and an optic cable of 150 km long, as well with 2 seismographs.