Operational Oceanography

Operational Oceanography is the activity of systematic and long-term routine measurements of the seas and oceans and atmosphere, and their rapid interpretation and dissemination.

The last decade a world wide network of operational ocean forecasting centers, in the broader frame of GOOS-Global Ocean Observing System provide on a daily base information about sea currents, sea temperature, salinity, biochemical parameters down to primary production, sea level, waves, winds, ice coverage, tides, at global and regional scales and at limited selected coastal/shelf areas.

This valuable information benefits greatly areas such as marine safety and security, marine resources, marine and coastal environment, weather and climatic predictions. Operational ocean forecasting & prediction systems assist the response and decision making agencies during real marine extreme incidents such as: oil spill response, search and rescue operations both coastal and offshore, ship routing, marine defense, illegal sea migration, dangerous floating objects, prevention against marine terrorist action and more.

The Cyprus Oceanography Center takes advantage of operational oceanography to develop/improve and operate the various components of the monitoring and forecasting systems.

Observations & Predictions can be found inĀ CYCOFOS


Autonomous Underwater Gliders

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