Live Access Server

The Oceanography Center of the University of Cyprus has successfully employed the Live Access Server (LAS) within the framework of the E-Wave Project. The purpose of the project is to develop an integrated, high resolution system for monitoring the energy potential from sea waves at the Exclusive Economical Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus coupled with the well established Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting System (CYCOFOS).

Available Datasets include:

  • Cyprus Coastal Ocean Model Forecast Products – Sea Level
  • Swell Data: sea swell to wave height, wave to direction, swell mean frequency, wind sea wave height, wind to direction, wind sea frequency, mean swell period for 1 and 2 seconds, and mean wind period for 1 and 2 seconds.
  • Wave Data: sea surface wave significant height, mean wave direction, peak frequency,  mean frequency, friction velocity,  wind direction, drag coefficient,  wind speed at 10m, model bathymetry, maximum significant wave height and max significant wave period.

The LAS deployment along with OpenDAP data sharing has made possible the integration of satellite and in situ data.