The Oceanography Centre University of Cyprus (OC-UCY) research activities include numerical models (flow, oil spill and general pollutant dispersion and sea state predictions), satellite remote sensing, remote in-situ monitoring (buoys, gliders, drifters, multi-parametric probes, floats), hydrography (both physical and chemical), biological oceanography, data and metadata management and operational oceanographic forecasting and monitoring.

The Oceanography Centre is a member in EuroGOOS and MONGOOS initiatives on operational oceanography in Europe and the Mediterranean addressing the scopes of the GMES marine services. Moreover, OC-UCY is participating in the WG3 of the IOC/NEAMTWS, as well is a member of the Cyprus-national task team for promoting the establishment of the Cyprus-national TWS.

The Main research directions of the Cyprus Oceanography Center are:

Physical Oceanography

This includes Numerical Modeling (circulation, sea state, dispersion), Remote Sensing (in-situ, satellite), Monitoring (coastal and offshore oceanographic cruises), Climatic changes of the marine system.

Operational Oceanography

To improve/develop and operate the various components of the monitoring and forecasting systems.

Biological Oceanography

To study the abundance of chlorophyll, zooplankton and other parameters, in the marine environment.

Data management and information

To build and manage dedicated offline and online oceanographic data and marine metadata bases.

Oil Spill Modelling

To provide predictions on the state of oil spills and to assist in the identification of floating objects and to oil spill combating.