Medslik-II open source oil spill model release

22 October 2012

MEDSLIK-II oil spill model has been launched as an open source model, freely available to its users. The release took place on the 22nd of October 2012 at the INGV (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia) in Bologna (Italy).

INGV, OC-UCY, CNR-IAMC and CMCC have set up a Memorandum of Agreement for the Operation and Continued Development of MEDSLIK-II for the successful and sustainable development of the MEDSLIK-II System as a well-organized, state-of-the-art oil-spill model.

The code will be freely available under the GNU Free Software License with the aim of attracting a critical mass of scientists to contribute to the development of the code and to use the model in very different conditions.

Medslik-II open source oil spill model code and description | Presentations and Photos of the event