MAREMED workshop

9 October 2012

The Oceanography Center, University of Cyprus is participating at the “Pollution control” seminar taking place on October 9, 2012 at the Palm Beach Hotel in Larnaca. The seminar was organized in the frame of MAREMED project (which is funded by MED program) by the Larnaca District Development Agency.

MEDESS4MS and PREMARPOL projects were presented by Dr.George Zodiatis at the “Pollution Control” seminar. Dr. Zodiatis’ presentation was titled: “Mediterranean Decision Support System for Marine Safety dedicated to oil slicks predictions”. The purpose of the seminar was to address issues such as: 1) How are European, National and Local agencies cooperating to monitor and prevent pollution, 2) What are the economical and ecological disasters which come as a result of oil leakage and marine pollution and 3) What is the status of pollution monitoring in relation to the current district strategies. During the seminar examples and practical exercises against pollution were provided.