Perseus Project PERSEUS – Policy-oriented marine environmental research in the Southern European Seas, EU FP7
MyOcean 2 MyOcean 2 – Pan-European capacity for Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting
 PREMARPOL PREMARPOL – Prevention and Combating of Marine Pollution in Ports and Marinas
MEDESS4MS MEDESS4MS – Mediterranean Decision Support System for Marine Safety
  GROOM- Gliders for Research, Ocean Observation & Management
SeaDataNetII SeaDataNetII
SMOS-MODE SMOS Mission Oceanographic Data Exploitation (SMOS-MODE)
PARALLEL – Development of the Integrated Parallel Cyprus Coastal Ocean Forecasting System
E-Wave-logo E-WAVE – Integrated High Resolution System for Monitoring and Quantifying the Wave Energy Potential in the EEZ of Cyprus
 Logo of WorkPackage Mediterranean Sea Monitoring and Forecasting Centre
 Logo of MyOcean MyOcean project – Pan-European capacity for Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting
 Upgrade Black Sea Scene Upgrade BlackSeaScene
 Logo of ECOOP ECOOP – European Coastal-shelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system
 Logo of SeaDataNet SeaDataNet – A Pan European Infrastructure for Oceanographic Data Management
 Logo of SESAME SESAME – Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modeling Ecosystem changes
 Logo of MEDAR-MEDATLAS-II MERSEA-IP -Marine Environment and Security for the European Area, Integrated Project
 Logo of MFSTEP MFSTEP – Mediterranean Forecasting System Towards Environmental Predictions
Logo of MERSEA-1 MERSEA-1 – Marine Environment and Security for the European Area
Logo of SEA-SEARCH SEA-SEARCH – Oceanographic and Marine Data & Information in Europe
Logo of ESEAS ESEAS- RI – European Sea Level Service, Research Infrastructure Project
Logo of MAMA MAMA – Mediterranean network to Assess and upgrade the Monitoring and forecasting Activities in the region
 Logo of CYCLOPS CYCLOPS – Cycling of Phosphorus in the Mediterranean
 Logo of MFSPP MFSPP – Mediterranean Forecasting System Pilot Project
 Logo of MEDAR-MEDATLAS-II MEDARMEDATLAS-II – Mediterranean Data Archaeology and Rescue – Mediterranean Hydrological Database